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ALL SPORTS APPAREL (ASA) was founded to provide quality & affordable uniforms for sporting clubs and teams.

We are a premium service provider.  Put simply, this means we work with clubs to provide solutions, rather than just offering “off the shelf” items.  When looking at uniforms we design gear that embodies your club’s culture and vision. A club uniform (on and off-field), supporters gear and promotional items are a representation of your club.  Quality and consistency project a well run club.

What we provide is great quality custom made apparel solutions, just like ASIC, Nike, Puma, ISC, Adidas, etc.  Everything apparel, from head to toe, including bags, caps and promotional items.  Like these premium suppliers, we don’t try to be a shop where we sell generic clothing and lots of training aids and equipment.  This means we are really good at what we do.

Our commitment to our customers is long term.  This is reflected in our clientele as many clubs have been with us in excess of 5 years.  We do whatever it takes to ensure customers get what they want, on time.  We keep customers updated with new ideas and options which means their uniforms and merchandise are “fresh”.

Our philosophy is based on a great product at a reasonable price.  We definitely wont be the cheapest, but we will provide quality and consistency across the board.

Working with ASA will be an experience you won’t get from other suppliers!

Honest Service

We don’t set unrealistic expectations and say things just to win your business – we tell it as it is.

On Time Delivery

We keep you abreast of progress and make every effort to ensure your delivery is on time.


Our in-house design team will work with you to create custom uniforms that capture the identity and spirit of your club or team.

Recently, a soccer club member commented on their jackets.  They liked the jacket but was disappointed when they were at a game and found the opposition in exactly the same jacket in exactly the same colours.

Do you really want to look the same as other clubs or look like YOUR CLUB?

We would have created the jacket with a small colour change which would have made it a unique club jacket.

We give you the option of a stock design/colourway, or a solution which embodies your club to ensure you have something to wear with pride and stand out from the others.

We provide quality garments at genuine pricing, rather than cheapest pricing with inferior quality.  This means you get items that will last, which is important to FKFC as you want to re-use jerseys over a few years.

Our garments are made for the Australian market.  Proper sizing and great fabrics so members are proud to wear their uniforms.

Sometimes someone is a size that doesn’t fit “standard” sizing.  Someone is taller and need jersey and shorts longer than normal.  Someone else wants a bigger size.

As ASA is a premium service provider, we can give you individual sizing (ie: larger size, long/short length) for those few players who need something different.  It’s no big deal for us to provide these exceptions, and at no extra cost.

We fit custom made garments to people, rather than making people fit to a predetermined size chart.

We’d all hate to go through what happened to the Association with late supply by BLK and Umbro.  There were stressed committee members and unhappy players, managers and coaches.

We deliver when we say we are going to deliver.  We will deliver gear as you want it (ie: in team batches).

As we don’t manufacture out of China, we don’t have to deal with Chinese New Year.  This means that you don’t need excessive lead times to place orders.

We work with you to ensure everything is as hassle free as possible for gear stewards, managers and coaches.

A small thing is to provide each graded team with a couple of extra (free) jerseys for when someone has to play up.  This means you don’t have to put tape over a jersey number.  Nor do you have to buy more jerseys.

We’ll work with gear stewards to help get everything distributed as quickly and easily as possible.  Just let us know how we can help make life easier and we’ll do it.

One of the biggest headaches for any club is providing merchandise.  Often this means outlaying lots of money and holding lots of stock.

We provide an online shop that alleviates this problem.  The shop is uniquely tailored to each club and members only see the merchandise, pricing and delivery options tailored to YOUR CLUB.

Refer to our Online Shop page for more information.

Year after year, we ensure you get the same quality, same colours, same sizes.  Nothing varies with each order.  And this is across the board with everything we supply.

We quality control everything from start to finish.  We use one factory only that supplies all our custom made apparel.

We guarantee our products to be of the highest standard available in the market.  No size variations – everything is the same year in / year out.

We don’t only supply club apparel.  We can do small runs of special jerseys, shorts, socks and caps.

A number of our customers support events such as Breast Cancer, RUOK, and others.  They do this through a small run of specially created gear.  For breast cancer, it could be as simple as pink caps or pink socks.  For other events it could be customised jerseys – this is the same concept as cricket with the “pink day” for the McGrath Foundation, or the NRL with their Indigenous jerseys.

Why our products are the best

Attention to Detail

No detail is too small as we ensure colours, garment patterns and trims, as well as logo size, position and placement all work as one.

We even manufacture to odd shapes and sizes so players get jerseys that fit.

Great Value

Our pricing is based on a combination of fabrics and decoration options (not on a perceived price), so you always get best value for money.
We have in-house screen printing, embroidery and transfer/vinyl decoration options. This means we control all aspects of the production process and you're not paying for outsourcing extras.


Custom made uniforms are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Our quality controls ensure you get the same cut, colours and positioning of all logos and decoration for every garment and every repeat order.
We use best fabrics for each sport and highest quality stitching to ensure your uniform can be worn season after season.

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