While player uniforms are mandatory, off-field gear is often forgotten, or an after-thought at best.

The people requiring off-field gear covers players, club officials, and supporters.  This pool of people can easily be 150% of the total number of players.

Off-field gear can cover many items and most clubs do some polos for committee members and maybe some hoodies.  But there are many other items a club can utilise.  Consider: Polos – Hoodies – Tracksuits – Spray Jackets – Softshell and coaches Jackets – Gear bags & backpacks – Umbrellas – Supporter & club Caps – Supporter tshirts

There are two aspects to off-field gear.  One is club promotion and the other is to raise money.  If the right options are chosen and items are created that people are proud to wear, then your club will achieve both promotion and money from sales.

With the right options, quality and decoration, many players will wear their off-field gear away from the grounds.  The more people wearing off-field gear then the more the club is promoted within the community, and community perception is the club is organised and well run.  And the rub-off is that more players want to be part of the club.

The best part about off-field gear, is that some items can be changed every few years so the look never becomes old and stale.

    The secret to success is to:
  • Create items that people want and are proud to wear;
  • Creating specific supporter gear;
  • Brand appropriately – everything for players should have the standard club logo – supporters can have an alternative logo

We provide you with all your off-field gear.


"Off the shelf" Options

There are many good “off the shelf” options for off-field gear.  They may have some limitations in colour options, but they give flexibility with smaller top-up orders, generally provide the fastest delivery and are for the more budget conscious.  With choices of styles, there are also many great supporter options, covering:

  • Track top and pants
  • Hoodies and jackets
  • Caps and beanies
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Training shirts and shorts

Custom Made - Pre-designed

ASA has created a range of off-field items in pre-designed patterns.  These items give you the best option of having a consistent “look” of all off-field gear.  Each pattern gives you your choice of up to 3 colours.

    This range of clothing includes:
  • Polos
  • Track top & pants
  • Hoodies
  • Slicker / Spray Jacket

Fully Custom Made

For a totally unique look, ASA will also fully custom make any off-field garments to your requirements.

Everything is your choice.  You have complete control over style, design, colour and branding.
Designs can be funky or simple;
Include special anniversary branding;
Even include sponsor logos