There are many obstacles when clubs want to provide merchandise.

Typically, this involves a club purchasing bulk items, holding the stock in the canteen and trying to sell at a margin to make some extra money for the club. This is ok on some items, but if items are costly and/or you are unsure how well they will sell, then this can be a costly exercise. If they don’t sell, you are left with unwanted stock and have probably lost money.

Merchandise can consist of many items, such as hoodies, cap, bags, supporters tees, umbrellas, key rings, etc, etc.

The risk is always trying to determine what will work.

At ASA, we remove the risk by providing an online shop. The shop is branded as your club with your club logo, colours, etc. We provide a “link” to the shop so you can promote it on your club website – when someone clicks the link they go directly to your online shopping page.

    How you utilise the online shop will depend on your goals, but current clubs indicate:
  • Making life easier for gear stewards and committee members;
  • Eliminating "lost" stock issues;
  • Making it easy for members to buy and receive goods at their convenience;
  • No hassles of promoting new supporter merchandise;
  • Using it to easily generate revenue for the club.
    It works just like anyone purchasing from an online store and is summarised as follows:
  • You could include playing gear and off-field gear such as jersey, training shirt, shorts/pants, socks, track suit, jacket, etc.
  • You could include supporter gear.
  • You could include any merchandise.
  • The shop can be segmented into categories - for example, you could group supporter gear, general merchandise, juniors playing gear, seniors playing gear, etc.
  • Each item shows pictures and has a full product description with size details.
  • Members select the item, size (if necessary), delivery option, then pay via card.
  • Depending on what ASA and the Club agree, there may be a pick-up option. There will always be a post option.
  • At the end of an agreed period, all sales (less ASA costs) will be forwarded to the Club.

Like all merchandise, the success will be based on how well the Club promotes the items.

The online shop provides clubs with a no risk, no hassles option.

We provide you with everything you need run a successful online shop.